Dental Implants – The Cheapest May Not be the Best Option

The above photos are of a patient that came to ManchesterDental after having her dental implants elsewhere.

You will see in the before photos that her implants were not placed in the ideal locations and also the end result was not a very good one. This lady, was very upset as she had paid a lot of money and she had ended up with a very poor result and crooked teeth.

It is always a good idea to shop around when buying things but this is not necessarily what you want to do when it comes to your health, body or mouth. When buying a tv for example, it’s a good idea to see if someone else has the exact tv at a cheaper price but when it comes to dental implants you need to make sure that the types of implants are of exceptional quality and the surgeon you are seeing is reputable. Not all dental implants are the same.

Dr Nafees Zakir, owner and the Principle Dentist at Manchester Dental has been treating patients with Dental Implants for over ten years and he is a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Edge Hill, Liverpool, where he teaches qualified dentists the art of placing dental implants to MSc level students. He has numerous post graduate qualifications including a Master’s Degree with Distinction, in Dental Implants. Have a look at the portfolio of treatments on the website, the results speak for themselves.

Once dental implants have been placed it is difficult to redo them. It is usually the case that what has been done needs to be corrected as best possible. Therefore it is always best to go somewhere reputable to avoid any problems. The after photos show what we managed to achieve to improve this lady’s situation to a much better looking and more importantly comfortable one.


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