Dental Hygiene in Manchester

Here at Manchester Dental we have the facility of our Fresh Breath Clinic.

The Fresh Breath Clinic

We provide amazing, quality advice in dental hygiene in Manchester.

Our team of Dental Hygienists & Therapists are here to help maintain your smile and ensure a clean mouth with fresh breath and a healthy smile.

Having regular hygiene appointments is essential to ensure oral health. Just like your car needs regular service to make sure it lasts for longer your teeth need that sort of attention and care too. If you do see the hygienist regularly then this prevents the need for treatment as everything is being maintained.


dental hygiene in Manchester

Is brushing twice a day not enough?

The simple answer is no. Just like your car can be washed and cleaned a service is a little more detailed and vital. The same applies to your teeth as even with brushing, flossing and mouthwash use at home there will still be areas that you will miss, and these regular hygiene appointments will ensure such missed areas are cleaned. If you don’t see the hygienist then you will not be told where you are missing and then problems will start in those areas and after some time the teeth or gums there may be beyond repair.

“I have never seen a hygienist and I have no problems”

You will hear some people say this. These are the sort of people who probably have small problems brewing in the background and one day it will catch up on them. All of a sudden they will start to have pain and will be told that they need multiple teeth taken out as many small holes have been slowly getting bigger and bigger or where gum disease has been progressing.

So if you ever hear someone say “I don’t understand why you always go to the dentist and see the hygienist”, then most likely in years to come, they will have many missing teeth and you will not!

Are you in need of some help in maintaining your dental hygiene in Manchester?

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