teeth whitening in Manchester

Teeth Whitening

There are two main types of teeth whitening in Manchester that we offer:

1. Administered in the dental chair, by a qualified dentist.
2. Used at home by the patient.

In Dental Surgery Teeth Whitening
The type used by the Dentist in the dental chair is usually a 1 hour treatment, and is used with or without a “laser” / “light”. As this is normally done in 1 hour the concentrations of whitening gels used is usually much much higher than those used in the at home type of whitening.

At Home Teeth Whitening
For the at home type, the Dentist makes a set of gum shields to be worn at night time while sleeping, into which the whitening gels are placed by the patient. This type normally uses a lower concentration of gels than with the In Dental Surgery type.
Both techniques do give good results. But another new type of whitening now combines both of these techniques giving fantastic results up to 10 shades whiter!

Combined Whitening – Deep Whitening
This technique involves carrying out the home whitening for 2 weeks and then the in surgery whitening for 1 hour. This combination treatment is now giving fantastic results that were not previously possible.
If you have the time then the Combined Whitening (at home & in surgery) provides the best results, if you are short on time and haven’t got 2 weeks than I would advise to have the 1 hour treatment.
Have a look at our before and after photos below.

Stain Removal Treatment
We also have a stain removal treatment for teeth. This is basically a steam cleaning of the teeth which lifts off any tea, coffee, red wine or smoking stains. Have a look at our before and after photos in the stain removal section under the treatments tab at the top of the page.
Go to Treatments / Stain Removal – at the top of the page.

Sometimes all you need is a deep clean and this can brighten stained and dull teeth but then if you want to go a stage further and lighten your teeth then we recommend the teeth whitening.

Case Studies of patients treated for teeth whitening in Manchester, at Manchester Dental

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