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A fear of going to the dentist is something that many people suffer from. The photos are of one such person.

Shirley told us that it all begun when she was four years old and a bad experience put her off ever going back to the dentist. As you will see in her before photo she was in desperate need of dental treatment and despite her extreme pain she would just not visit the dentist.

Shirley helps out at a local charity shop in Urmston which is next door to Manchester Dental. For many months she would look in while going to the charity shop. She told us “I used to peer in and see the staff and patients inside but I couldn’t go in. I was terrified to even think about it, I would feel sick.”

Eventually Shirley managed to come in & book an appointment. She told us that the team at Manchester Dental were very helpful, they put her at ease and her first few appointments she would just go in and have a chat.

Once treatment was started Shirley had no problem whatsoever. “I’ve had teeth out, crowns, root canals everything. It’s easy. I don’t know what I was scared of. The staff here are fantastic. Look at me I can’t stop smiling!”
Shirley told us “I was trembling the morning of my first appointment, no one can be as scared as I was, but now I know there was nothing to be scared of.”

Dr Nafees Zakir, Principle Dentist of Manchester Dental explained “We see many patients daily who have dental phobias and most of them have stemmed from a bad experience when younger. What we try and do is keep the everyone at ease and carefully explain all procedures and treat them in a caring way.” Dr Zakir went on to say “Dentistry has changed dramatically, things aren’t like they used to be. Visiting the dentist should not be something to be scared of.”

Case Studies of patients treated at Manchester Dental

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